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What's great with you guys is that you still seem to enjoy what you're doing after all this time.
Yeah, that's very true. It's so ideal ; I don't know what else we'd do. [laughing]

Was there a time when you wanted to let everything down and to do something else ?
No, not really. I mean... you know... I think not for a long time.

Never ?
No, I dont' think so.

So it was always great ?
It wasn't always great, but I never wanted to quit.

But if you could change something in the past, what would it be ?
[thinking a long time] I can't think of anything, look at everything we did. I'd change something in my earning, you know, mine is getting worse. [laughing] We all want to do that. Dealing with the past isn't always easy, you know, so...

You're not focused in the past ?
Not much. I think back a little bit. I don't think I'd change anything, it's ok.

Did the idea of playing with more people than by the past came from the big band with Fantomas ?
No, not so much. We already had tried something new, pretty much, and that's where it comes from. We needed a new bass player, and it started to make sense.

After Kevin [Rutmanis] ?
Yeah. So we stopped to try it to let it happen. So far, so good.

And is the Business really Big ?
Yes... very big. Yeah, we wanted them to do ; we're big fans.

What's the difference of Nude with Boots compared to the first album with them ?
I think the new album is weirder. But I'm not a good judge, because I'm too close.

What are its specifics for you in a few words ?
No ease with the melody.


Who would you consider as a 5th member ?
Muhammad Ali. [laughing] I don't think he can play. We could take him on stage with us ; it'd be fun.

And what would be the "dream team" for you ?
Jimi Hendrix and Judy Garland.

Nobody still alive ?
Alive ? [thinking] Los Lobos.

I've read recently this about The Melvins : "They're brutal. Big holes of silence between orchestrated movements. They make your nose bleed, but in a really good way."
Who said that ?

Adam Jones.
Adam Jones ? Oh, he's a very nice guy. He's very good.

So, is that ok with you ?

What do you think of Tool ?
I don't think they work enough. They need to work more.

They're lazy ?
Yeah, lazy.

And for fun, what could you say about Mike Patton ?
For fun ? I wish he'd do his best to make a Faith No More reunion. [laughing]

The "Nightmare before Christmas" in December is about to be awesome ; but who's missing for it to be the best festival in the world ?
If we get Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd, it will. [laughing]

And less famous ? Some artists you'd like people to discover ?
We already have lots of bands that we wanted, that's good. Ah... Pete Townshend.

Can you tell what's coming next ? What about your project with Adam Jones ?
Yeah, I don't know when it's going to happen, no idea.

Is he lazy ?
That's part of it, yeah. I'm waiting for him, pretty much. I'll do it whenever he wants it.

So what is he doing ?
What is he doing ? Not much. [laughing] A lot of bit. [still laughing]

Is there recent music that inspires you today ?
New music ? Oh, it's hard... [thinking] Nothing that's in my head, nothing in particular. I listen to a lot of stuff, but something that influences what I'm doing...

Last year, it was the silver anniversary of the Melvins ; are you ready for the gold ?
Yeah ! I'm ready for the solid gold !