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You come from the industrial avant-garde [with SPK, Coil, etc.], but you seem going to a less experimental kind of music ; how do you look at your artistic changes ? How to proceed from SPK to Puscifer ?
As far as I'm concerned, there is no change. The process is the same as are the principles and aesthetics. It's all still very much an experiment as far as I'm concerned, and Puscifer specifically is by its very nature an experiment on all levels.

Are you still in contact with people like Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Jarboe, etc. ?
Cosey is one of my oldest and closest friends so yes, we are very much in touch. Jarboe I talk with from time to time. Gen has always been a prick, and was never a friend.

You're mostly considered as the father of "dark ambient", but you don't seem to have lots of interest for the bands who quote you as a big influence (Inade, Megaptera, Raison d’Être, Kammarheit, Svartsinn…) ; do you ?
Three of those names I've never heard of before. While I appreciate the fact that I influenced them, I have no interest in hearing or following what they do.

How did it happen your only concert was for the Church of Satan ? And do you know Boyd Rice ?
I was planing to perform live again when I received a phone call from the Church of Satan asking if I'd perform at their 45th anniversary and first ever public ritual. I thought it was an interesting idea, but when they said it was on 6/6/06 it was just too funny an idea to say no too. I only know Boyd Rice well enough to exchange pleasantries if we ever bump into each other (which is usually once a decade). I don't know why you ask about both in the same question, but then there do seem to be a few factions who consider themselves to be the true Church of Satan.

Why did you leave Wales for California ? What did you find there ?
I left Wales for London and lived there for 10 years before leaving London for Los Angeles. I moved for the usual reasons, for a change and for different stimulus and possibilities.


How have you met the Tool guys ? Would you like to do a project with them like an entire album ?
Adam called me wanting to work together and we hung out and instantly became very good friends. I'd be happy to do anything with any of them ; they're all good people.

You're in contact with a lot of people who belong to their 'family' (Buzz Osborne, Meats Meier, Danny Lohner, Wes Borland, Aaron Turner, Chet Zar…) ; what affinities have you found with each one of them in this circle ?
I'm not sure what you mean by 'circle', and they're all individuals and have their own things going on. I don't understand exactly what it is that you're asking.

What kinds of music do you listen to ? Do you feel influenced by any artists you like ? Can you recommend any of them you've especially appreciated recently ?
I listen to a very broad range of music as do most people I know. My main criteria is that it be good. Originality is also a big plus. Most of what I listen to has a groove, but not exclusively. There are no particular musicians who have influenced me stylistically, but there are some who inspired me to do something.

Recently, you've spoken on your forum about your wish to mix your work with classical music (you quoted Arvo Pärt among others) ; is it the next big thing for you ?
I believe I'm being misquoted as I don't recall saying that. Although I would find it interesting, and it might be worthwhile.

Do you have other things in mind, even crazy ideas you'd like to accomplish ?
All the time, and many that I have, including some I'll do again.

What are your next projects : collaborations, soundtracks for movies and video games, Puscifer, etc. ?
The next imminent releases are a CD EP, [ O T H E R D U B ], featuring Adam Jones, a remix 12" and a couple more dub mixes of Puscifer. Beyond that, I'm talking with somebody about a collaboration and I've started work on the next Lustmord album for 2010.

Thanks to Youggo for his big help.