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The Jello Loft - Hollywood (USA)

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Cold and ugly
Undertow (lyrics non définitifs)
Crawl away (avec "Crazy Train" d'Ozzy Osbourne en intro)


Notes sur l'enregistrement

Il s'agit du plus ancien enregistrement connu de Tool live. Même si la batterie claque et que l'on entend surtout la voix de MJK, il a donc avant tout une valeur "historique". On peut néanmoins remarquer que Paul est d'ores et déjà au coude à coude avec le chanteur niveau interactions avec le public.

MJK : There's a celebrity here tonight, one of the banditos d'amour from the Rollins stage presentation is here, one Ken Butler, who will be signing autographs by the concession stand, so line up please, one at a time. We're still not very professional... so don't expect that kind of shit. We'll take our fucking time, and you're just gonna have to deal with it. So, how did the MTV Awards go? Losers.

MJK : Hey, Greg. I could use a little bit more in the monitor... of me.
Paul : I want to hear some guitars. Hello... welcome to soundcheck. You guys like it? Ok, you assholes, better be at Lollapalooza early on Saturday to see the mighty Pigmy Love Circus!
MJK : Noon.

Paul : Can I have the vocals turned WAY down in my monitor? I mean... I like you, Maynard, but... I don't want to hear you all the time.
MJK : I'll just be whispering in your ear from now on. Real rock stars have towels up here, but... we have to use our clothes. Yep. Yep.

MJK : Do you know that punk rock is coming back? Last beer for you, buddy.

Paul : Thank you. You're too kind. Greg, can I have less vocals in my monitor? It's blowing my head off. Is that what I'm doing here? Ok.
MJK : Leave all your bottles and things over here in this corner. We need some gas money. So when you drink your beers, pass your bottles up over here and I'll be taking those home. Paul : Then put more guitar in it.

MJK : I don't need any more bottles. I remembered that I don't have a car, and I don't need gas... because I don't have a car.
Paul : Greg, can I unplug this thing? It's fucking blowing my brains out.
MJK (hors micro) : Ready for that, buddy? "4°"? You're gonna hurt yourself. You're gonna hurt yourself.

MJK : That's really cool! You're tougher than she is. No, really. You're tougher than she is. Really. No, really. You are. I know that you are. I can tell. Tune up. Yeah. Tune up. John, are you enjoying yourself? Don't fucking lie. This is intermission.
Paul : This is a special song called... about the little baby Jesus. It's called "Opiate".