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Wings Stadium - Kalamazoo (USA)

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Forty-Six & 2
Stinkfist (avec Buzz Osborne)
Stranglehold (avec Buzz Osborne)

Notes sur l'enregistrement

Embarqué avec le Ozzfest, Tool fait quelques incartades au festival dans quelques villes, dont cette date qui est l'un de mes lives préférés, avec un MJK en grande forme, et Buzz Osborne des Melvins notamment pour une reprise du titre "Stranglehold" de Ted Nugent.

MJK : Are you ready to do some of the Good Lord's work tonight? Well, I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place.

MJK : Jesus Christ, this suit is hot. Let me introduce the cast and characters to you, if you will. On our revival team, we have: the reverend Daniel "The Lion Fucker" Carey; Reverend Maynard "The Slayer of Able" Keenan; Justin Chancellor, unfortunately a Jew; and "The Original Sinner" along with Eve, the reverend Adam Jones.

MJK : Buzz, Buzz. We are gonna have a special guest come out with us on this song. His name is Buzz, he’s in the Melvins. He’s gonna rock the fucking house and kick some ass. So let me hear you say yes! Say yes! Say maybe! Say perhaps! Let me hear you say Buzz!

MJK : We are gonna keep Buzz out here for another song ["Stranglehold"]. This song is specifically for Michigan. This week, praise God... zilla.

MJK : Don’t tell Ted [Nugent] how badly we ruined his song.

MJK : We are gonna try something. Let us try something really special tonight. I want you all to find that space; it’s kind of a comfortable space, and at the same time it’s kind of vulnerable. I want you to shut your eyes. I want you to go to that space, comfortable, but vulnerable. We are gonna take a look at something from a different angle to see if we can see it in a different light.

MJK : Let us try this once again; let me hear you say yes! Now let us hear it in French: oui! And now in Spanish: sí! Thank you for coming down, we are gonna see you again soon. This is another song, and then we are gonna go.